Writing Calisthenics

AvatarA collection of short stories, essays, and exercises to keep my brain from rusting between larger works.

I'm not dead yet

Seriously.  I'm not.  Thanks for your concern though.  I just had some surgery that's knocked me out for a couple weeks.  Once all the pain killers have metabolized I'm sure I'll be back at it again.

New client

(This is a character development background sketch.  It's not really about developing the character himself, but giving him enough background that I can justify his behaviors later on.  Once you read it, let me know if this person sounds interesting or multi-faceted enough to base a novel around.  Anything seem trite here?  Cliched?)

Counselor: So, tell me a little about your childhood.
Reid: Childhood?  What about it?  I mean, in general or what?
C: Whatever you think would be important.
R: Important.  Hmmm.  Well, we moved around a lot.  It didn't give me much of a chance to make friends.  Not, like, I didn't have chances, but…  You know how they say you can go two ways with something like that?  How some kids learn how to make friends easily, learn how to fit in to new groups and that?  I went the other way.  Moving around all the time - it gave everything a sense of impermanence.  Is that a word?  Like…  like you could pull up stakes at any minute and be somewhere else the next day.  It was like a game to my Mom.  She used to say she could have the house packed in three days and have it unpacked again in two.  As if that was something to be proud of.
C: What about your dad?
R: He didn't like it all.  He hated moving.  He was a lot more outgoing than I am, but still, I think he liked that sense of feeling 'rooted' I guess you'd say. 
C: Why did he do it then?  Was this something his career forced on him?
R: On him?  Oh no.  No, it was Mom.  I'm sorry.  Didn't they give you those forms or whatever?  I wrote all this out already.  Whatever.  Never mind.  My mom was the one with the career.  She was a Major in the Army medical corp.  She was the reason we moved around all the time.
C: I see.